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  • Damages You Can Recover From a San Diego California Accident Case An automobile insurance company is usually only interested in paying you the least amount of money to settle your auto accident bodily injury claim, but an experienced, competent and reputable California car accident lawyer will pursue all types of compensation for an auto injury client. This is what "levels the playing field" when it comes to a California car or motorcycle accident and a California insurance company. If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto or motorcycle accident, you may be entitled to recover compensation for your injuries and damages.
  • Possible Sources of Recovery for a Car Accident Case | San Diego California t is in your best legal interest that you hire a Chula Vista California Car Accident law firm that will do more than just file a claim with an insurance company on your behalf, especially because the available insurance policy may turn out to have insufficient limits to fully cover your damages in your bodily injury claim. A resourceful Chula Vista auto accident lawyer will investigate all sources of compensation and pursue all avenues of recovery for injured claimants, including any passengers you may have had with you (or if you were the injured passenger in someone else's motor vehicle).
  • 14.4 Million Awarded to a Children of San Diego Family for a Roll-over Auto Accident A jury in the San Diego has just awarded $14 .4 million to the children of a couple who were killed in an automobile accident linked to a tire blowout of a vehicle involved in the horrific accident. The accident happened in July 2006; Mr. Casey Barber and his wife were driving on Highway 98 in Arizona, when their Ford E350 Sportsmobile van lost control and flipped over causing injuries. Unfortunately, both husband and wife were killed in this terrible accident. The auto accident was later traced to tire tread separation (defective tire) of the right tire of the van they were driving. Their children were just eight, three and five years old at the time, and they now live with their aunt and a husband. Per the attorneys for the victims, the San Diego car dealership Mossy Ford failed to fix the tire properly and adequately in 2005, and evidence was supplied at trial to support this contention.
  • Recent California Rains Make Roadways Slick and Wet Causing Major Auto Accidents The California Highway Patrol found itself extremely busy during the Christmas 2010 Holiday Season as extremely wet weather contributed to a number of motor vehicle accidents on California freeways. The roads and highways had been made slippery by recent rain, and as San Diego Personal Injury lawyers would expect, many motorists were taken by surprise and ended up in Emergency Rooms and ambulances. In total, the there was about 73 accidents that were reported on San Diego County highways and freeways in just one day of rains.
  • What Damages Can I get from my Chula Vista Car Accident? | Lawyer, CA Chula Vista Injury Attorney Law Firm: If you happen to get involved in a California car accident, you are more likely to suffer from bodily injuries and property damage in most cases. In some car crashes and collisions, these injuries can sometimes be fatal. However, vehicle design in the last twenty years has greatly improved the safety of vehicle occupants. Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) showed that a vehicle accident occurs every two minutes across the country, injuring thousands of people every year.
  • Claims for California Car Accident Property Damage/Loss | El Cajon, CA Car Accident Attorney in El Cajon, California: A person whose car was damaged in a California car accident is entitled to recover damages for loss of use of vehicle which includes damages for the loss of the use of car during the duration of repair, if the car is a total loss until it is replaced. Generally, the loss for the damaged vehicle is often measured as the cost of a rental car, excluding insurance or sales tax, during the period.
  • Why the Auto Insurance Company Is Not On Your Side | San Diego CA Injury El Cajon Auto Accident Attorney: Insurance companies are businesses and, like any profit-seeking business, they have no incentives to pay out full value on an injury claim unless it is absolutely necessary. They hire claims adjusters to persuade the injured to agree to a low settlement so the insurance companies can maximize profits. They also train their claims adjusters very well. Insurance claims adjusters are trained to call you as soon as possible after an accident to make you give a recorded statement. You must be careful, because your statements can be taken out of context by the adjuster.
  • Why Ca Auto Injury Case is Unique & Should Not Be Compared to other Cases Through my years of practicing personal injury law, I have frequently heard my clients and third parties compare their injury cases to cases involving someone they know, such as a family member or friend. One client compared her injury case to a neighbor’s down the street, focusing on the amount of that person’s settlement. I quickly pointed out that this was dangerous to do this because it can potentially give a false impression about the true settlement value of her own case.
  • Top Defenses to your California Personal Injury Case | Accident & Injuries Remember, insurance companies and their lawyers are “skilled counter punchers” when it comes to negotiating your personal injury case. Their job is to throw as much “mud up on a wall” regarding your injury to see what might stick if your case goes all the way to a jury trial. Here are some of the top defenses I have seen insurers use in their arsenal to deflate the value of your personal injury claim:
  • San Diego Auto Accident Lawyer | Soft Tissue Injury is Not a Minor Injury The insurance companies spend millions of dollars each year to make sure their adjusters are trained to evaluate injury claims. Part of this training involves giving the adjusters the mindset that all soft tissue injuries are minor and all soft tissue injuries heal within four to six weeks.This mindset is dangerous because it is black and white, and, unfortunately, the vast majority of adjusters believe it is true. It is also dangerous because it “pigeonholes” every soft tissue injury case into a minor injury category, which simply goes against the medical facts. It also excludes age, sex, weight and other important factors that help explain the severity of a soft tissue injury.
  • Chula Vista Injury Law Firm | Loss Motion Segment Integrity Injury If loss motion segment integrity is found, it can be documented using the impairment ratings via the AMA Permanent Impairment Guidelines Fifth Edition (see Secret #4). Generally speaking, a segment integrity found in the neck (cervical) can have a 20% permanent impairment, and if found in the low back (lumbar) it can be a 25% permanent impairment. Thus, it is possible to be diagnosed with a 45% impairment in the neck and back just on loss motion segment integrity.
  • Negotiating your Medical Bills | San Diego Accident Claim Lawyer How is your attorney going to maximize your recovery when a settlement offer or judgment is made on your injury case? The answer lies in your attorney’s experience level in negotiating down your medical bills and with your own health insurance provider, which usually has an interest in getting paid back at the time of settlement.
  • Tips On What to do Following a California Motorcycle Accident | San Diego Report the California Motorcycle Accident: Unless you are transported from the scene by ambulance, call the police and report the motorcycle accident. A police officer will be dispatched and he or she will write a police report that will document the facts of the motorcycle accident, and will identify the other parties involved, along with any witnesses, and insurance information.
  • California's DUI |Drunk Driving| Laws that help Society Preventing Injuries & Auto Accidents Driving under the influence (DUI) is one of the biggest road safety problems in the United States alone; it is also a choice irresponsible persons make which means it is a preventable problem. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 30 percent of 35,000 people who died in car accidents last year were involved in alcohol-related crashes. This is a staggering statistic, and one that should be taught in the schools at an early age. With this alarming finding, traffic experts estimate that 36 people are killed by drunk drivers every day in this country.
  • Chula Vista Abogado: Los Diez Secretos Que Necesita Saber Sobre Su Caso De Lesión Chula Vista Abogado Mark C. Blane: Si usted o alguien que ama ha sido herido en cualquier tipo de accidente, quiero que sepa que usted tiene mi simpatía. Como víctima de accidente también, yo entiendo el dolor y el sentimiento de impotencia que se siente al tener un accidente. También, sé lo que implica la recuperación.