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On the official release of my latest book (July 27, 2012), Proven Strategies From America's Leading Attorneys to Help You PROTECT & DEFEND Your Business, Family and Wealth, hit the Best-Sellers List on Amazon! I was very proud to find out that it actually hit four (4) Best-Seller lists, and ranked #1 in no less than TWO categories as follows:

#1 Rank in the “Personal Injury” Category on

#1 Rank in the “Consumer Law” Category on

#5 Rank in the “Law Specialties” Category on

#43 Rank in the “Business Law” Category on

I co-authored this book with other fellow lawyers from across America with one goal in mind: to protect and defend YOUR business, family and wealth. We hit all the main points in this book for the average consumer in the United States of Amercia.

Whether you need protection against the IRS, or you need to learn more about common tax myths and problems, or finding the right lawyer for your particular issue, or simple tax protection, or protecting yourself from large corporations, or obtaining insight on an insurance claims adjusters’ tactics that can cost you money, or trucking accidents, or living trusts, or asset protection, or the secrets the insurance company would rather you not know about in your personal injury claim, or real estate asset protection, or dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, or protecting your family’s way of life, or simply buying insurance, or how to obtain social security benefits, or finding out how much money are you are getting from your personal injury settlement, or protecting and defending your right to veterans benefits, or what to do if you are arrested for DUI, or you wanted to learn important information about immunity laws, or nursing home neglect, or tax problems and tax debt, or how bankruptcy affects the IRS, or my personal favorite chapter, the one I authored, how to be proactive and avoid getting hit twice from your personal injury settlement with your own health insurance company (Chapter 12 beginning on page 113).

In a nutshell, Protect and Defend has it all for you and your family, and best of all you can get it through my website FREE of charge (ebook)! Of course, you could always buy it through and just know that any profits will be donated to charity “marketers for good.” However, if you are a California resident or you were injured in a personal injury accident while in California, please help yourself to a FREE copy now (ebook)!

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