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Unfortunately, California motorcycle riders are very often exposed to certain situations in which there is a very real possibility of serious injuries from a motorcycle accident.  This is true in San Diego County, Southern California and through out the great State of California where many people enjoy riding their motor bikes outdoors. If you have been in a motorcycle injury accident, you may be facing severe injuries, emotional distress, physical pain, chronic pain, and financial hardships where you are needing the help of a California motorcycle accident attorney.

Usually motorcycle road accidents occur because of negligence - that is, California motorcyclists are usually susceptible to accidents because motorcycle riders and drivers are often overlooked on the roadways by other drivers because of their small size. However, sometimes accidents are caused because of a variety of different reasons. These injury cases can be due to another at-fault vehicle, truck or other motorcyclist, or can be due to the motorcyclist himself or herself - or sometimes fault can be found by the street, highway or roadway itself and the government entity that controls or maintains the road.

Other Factors that Contribute to California Motorcycle Accidents

1. Motorcycle mechanical failures leading to accident and injury;
2. High or excessive speed accidents;
3. Defective motorcycle design;
4. Faulty or shoddy repair work on the motorcycle;
5. Wheel wobble accidents (can be due to a variety of factors);

Interestingly, over 80% of all multi-vehicle accidents that happen to involve a motorcyclist are not the fault of the motorcyclist. Usually, these types of accidents are due to the inattentiveness of a vehicle driver who just does not see the motorcyclist, or who turns in front of the direct path of the bike or sometimes happens to follow way too closely and rear-ends the motorcycle causing property damage and bodily injuries. Obviously, due to speed and the fact that motorcyclists have less protection than someone inside the compartment of a car, motorcycle crashes can end up to be catastrophic injuries resulting in permanent brain damage, paralysis, and even death.

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