San Diego Area Attorney Recovers Damages for Injuries on Defective Stairs

Staircases are important to us on a daily basis - whether on business or private property. We use stairways frequently without ever expecting to encounter broken stairs, irregular steps, loose handrails or other problems that may cause falls due to unexpected slips or trips. When we do, the physical injuries are often severe or devastating because most of the time they are considered to be an "elevated fall injury."

If you, or some one you know, have been injured in a fall because of broken stairs or another stairway defect, you may have a strong premises liability case. Of course, each case is different because different facts are unique to each injury case. You can contact the San Diego CA Law Office of Mark C. Blane for legal counsel that may help you recover significant financial damages against the property owner of the defective stairway, or stairwell.

Broken Stairs, Loose Handrails and Irregular Steps May Be Building Code Violations

The defective condition that causes a stairway fall often is not easily visible or otherwise obvious. This means it is hard to see or not "open and obvious." There are many cases of serious falls and serious injuries happening because a single step is shorter in height than all the others, for example. This can be an example of a "hidden danger." Although one irregular step, a few broken stairs or frayed, slick carpeting on a stairway may not seem overly serious, it may be a California building code violation and it certainly can have devastating consequences. We will research your injury case for these building code violations to see if a claim for liability may exist under it. If so, rest assure we will argue for it in order to make sure the condition gets corrected so no one else will experience the same injury.

Researching & Building Your Injury Case for a Substantial Settlement or Verdict

This is what we do for you. Our job is to maximize your recovery and we use the law and facts to achieve this goal. Applying extensive knowledge of premises liability, our law firm will do everything possible to document the cause and medical impact of your injuries. To prove negligence (legal fault), and help you recover money to pay medical bills, replace lost wages, and deal with pain and suffering or other consequences, you can trust us to:

  • Hire and deploy any necessary experts, and collect convincing photographic and other physical evidence
  • Locate and obtain witness testimony if available
  • Take all necessary steps to show the full current and likely future consequences and costs of your injury

    Help you find good medical care
    if you have no private health insurance
  • File a lawsuit on your behalf, if necessary, to achieve justice
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