Unfortunately, car accidents in San Diego are a common occurrence, as are motorcycle accidents, and truck crashes. When you find yourself facing escalating medical bills, missed time from work, and other serious expenses from a careless motorist, it's time to talk to a trusted team of San Diego accident lawyers about your legal options.

What You Need to Know About Car Accidents in San Diego  

The first thing we tell victims of car accidents in San Diego is that no matter how nice they seem, the insurance adjuster is not on your side. Think about it, if it's an insurance adjuster's job to keep their employer in the business, what are their actual motives; to help you get a fair settlement or keep their boss in the black?

The best way to ensure that your legal rights are not being taken advantage of during the injury claims process is to work with San Diego accident lawyers who know what you are entitled to and aren't afraid to stand up to the insurance companies and their ruthless tactics when it comes to denying or reducing the injury claims of San Diego accident victims. 

San Diego Car Crash Statistics

Auto accidents involving cars, trucks, and other motor vehicles are one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States and a cause for concern for San Diego County residents.

San Diego Car Crash Statistics

  • Under-the-Influence Crashes: In 2019, 50% of all drivers killed in motor vehicle crashes, who were tested, tested positive for legal and/ or illegal drugs, an increase of 8% from 2018. 1 in 3 crash deaths in the United States involve drunk driving.
  • Speeding Accidents: Nearly 1 in 3 crash deaths involve speeding.
  • Fatal Accidents: In addition to fatalities, more than 2 million people per year are injured in auto accidents.

Reasons to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer for a Car Crash Case car slamming into another car in san diego ca

  • You suffered serious injuries, or a loved one died. Devastating injuries or fatalities increase the value of your claim—and also make it more complicated. The insurance company may fight harder and longer to get you to accept a lower settlement, or take a position that they're not responsible for paying you. In addition, more negligent parties could be responsible for compensating you. In all of these circumstances, you'd have a serious disadvantage in the case without the help of an attorney.
  • You became disabled. If you can no longer work due to your injuries, you could need ongoing medical care and your claim might need to include lost earning capacity over your lifetime. An attorney has the expertise to calculate these damages and will fight to ensure you receive the necessary compensation for your future needs.
  • Multiple parties caused the accident. If more than one party caused your car accident, you'll need to file claims with multiple insurance companies. Settling them can be complicated because negotiations are often done simultaneously, and the parties may place fault on each other.
  • The driver was underinsured or uninsured. Either of these circumstances requires a skilled attorney to identify other avenues of compensation, such as uninsured or underinsured coverage under your current auto policy. He can also ensure that your carrier treats you fairly.
  • The deadline to sue expires soon. You must file your lawsuit within California’s statute of limitations, which is usually two years from the realization of your injuries. This is the time you have under California law to file your complaint. If your accident occurred a while ago, you should contact an attorney immediately to be certain that your civil complaint is filed before the statute of limitations expires.

Top Causes of Car Crashes at California Intersections

Traffic lights and traffic signs are designed to prevent accidents. When a collision occurs at an intersection, it is often due to a driver’s negligence and violation of basic traffic laws. Here are the most common reasons they happen:

  • Following too closely. All drivers have a duty to maintain a safe distance from the motor vehicle in front of them. Many rear-end collisions occur at intersections when the driver in the rear is following too closely and cannot stop quickly enough to avoid a collision.
  • Driving too fastWhen a motorist speeds, it will take them longer to slow down and stop their vehicle, which can make it impossible to avoid a crash. In addition, the victim’s injuries are much more likely to be catastrophic or fatal.
  • Failing to yield. One of the most basic traffic laws is the duty to yield at stop signs, four-way stops, and traffic lights. However, many drivers who are to blame for an intersection accident fail to obey these right-of-way rules.
  • Trying to beat a light. Reckless motorists can cause a dangerous accident if they speed to try to beat a yellow or red light. 
  • Distracted driving. A driver can fail to see a traffic light turn to red or yellow or not notice another vehicle that has the right-of-way at a stop sign or four-way stop when they are talking on a cellphone, texting, reading a GPS, or eating and drinking. 
  • Intoxication. If a motorist is intoxicated due to drug or alcohol use, they can cause an intersection collision by driving recklessly, disobeying traffic signals or stop signs, or engaging in other unsafe driving practices.
  • Not checking for obstructions. Drivers must carefully look before proceeding at an intersection when there are obstructions blocking their view. If they don’t do this, they may not see another motorist who has the right of way before it is too late to avoid an accident.
  • Not slowing down for bad weather. When heavy fog, rain, or ice makes driving hazardous, drivers must slow down—even below the posted speed limit—or they may not be able to proceed through an intersection safely.

Common Types of Collisions That Occur

What Compensation Should You Receive in Your Car Accident Settlement?

In order to know if the insurance company is offering a low settlement, you need to understand what compensation you are entitled to under California law. You should receive both your past and future damages in your settlement. Types of compensation that should be included in your settlement are:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages and lost earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Wrongful death damages if a loved one was killed in the collision

How We are Different from Other San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

san diego car accident lawyerUnlike other law firms that treat all of their clients and cases exactly the same, the San Diego accident lawyers at Blane Law give a personalized approach to every personal injury claim we take on. That experience starts with educating our potential clients about the California personal injury claims process through our extensive article library, San Diego injury blog, video center, and FREE legal help guides along with our no-cost consultation for new clients.

Mark Blane meets each client personally; he does not believe in sending an associate member or paralegal to "sign up a client". Mr. Blane believes it is important to get to know you as a person first, and as a client second. This approach allows us to really understand how your injuries affect your daily life and how you will come across as a witness.

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