Southern California roads, like those found in San Diego County such as the I-5, I-805 Merge, I-8, Interstate 15, and the infamous 163 are swarming every day with vehicles cruising, braking, and changing lanes only a few feet from each other.

Unfortunately, car accidents in San Diego are a common occurrence, as are motorcycle accidents, and truck crashes. When you find yourself facing escalating medical bills, missed time from work, and other serious expenses from a careless motorist, it's time to talk to a trusted team of San Diego accident lawyers about your legal options.

What You Need to Know About Car Accidents in San Diego 

The first thing we tell victims of car accidents in San Diego is that no matter how nice they seem, the insurance adjuster is not on your side. Think about it, if it's an insurance adjuster's job to keep their employer in business, what are their actual motives; to help you get a fair settlement or keep their boss in the black?

The best way to ensure that your legal rights are not being taken advantage of during the injury claims process is to work with San Diego accident lawyers who know what you are entitled to and aren't afraid to stand up to the insurance companies and their ruthless tactics when it comes to denying or reducing the injury claims of San Diego accident victims.

How We are Different from Other San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

san diego car accident lawyerUnlike other law firms that treat all of their clients and cases exactly the same, the San Diego accident lawyers at Blane Law give a personalized approach to every personal injury claim we take on. That experience starts with educating our potential clients about the California personal injury claims process through our extensive article library, San Diego injury blog, video center, and FREE legal help guides along with our no cost consultation for new clients.

Mark Blane meets each client personally; he does not believe in sending an associate member or paralegal to "sign up a client". Mr. Blane believes it is important to get to know you as a person first, and as a client second. This approach allows us to really understand how your injuries affect your daily life and how you will come across as a witness.

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