"(I was) on my way to work. I got into a major accident. I broke my wrist, and got a four inch titanium plate and it was eight screws. My spleen had been lacerated. My liver was also lacerated. So all I remember is the helicoptor ride was not fun.

After I got out of the hospital, that is when I called Mark....and Mark said, "You have a case."  ...And, there was, going back and forth with the insurance company that said they were not going to pay for it.  He (Mark) took care of it really quickly. It is step-by-step...it is transparency...knowing what is going to happen, and what the options are. He (Mark) is very calm, and very professional...and, to the point...that is what I liked about him. Integrity is what he has, and you really need to have someone with integrity."

Ana Gomez, Car Collision Client, September 23, 2020, Vista, California