It is an unfortunate fact that San Diego slip and fall or trip and fall accidents in public areas happen all the time, such as in malls, stores, theme parks or offices. If you or a loved one has sustained serious injury from a slip and fall incident that could have been avoided were it not for the negligence or carelessness of the owner of the property or land where the accident occurred, you are entitled to legal compensation.

Whether you have suffered a serious injury such as a bone fracture, head injury, sprained joint or even a spinal cord injury, your San Diego accident compensation should cover your medical costs, rehabilitation, and loss of income, disability, pain and suffering and future expenses.

All this will be fiercely contested by the owner's insurance company, which will challenge the accusation of negligence, question your medical file and come up with examples of court dismissals in related cases. Before you call me on your California slip and fall injury case, you can download a FREE copy of my slip and fall legal survival book - as long as you are a California resident, or injured in a California slip and fall, trip and fall, or premise liability injury claim! It's a great book and I promise it will give you plenty of insight into your pending legal case!

Top Questions We Get About San Diego Slip and Fall Accidents

Some of the most common questions we get with slip & falls include:

What You Need to Know About San Diego Slip and Fall Claims

First, you need to show that the California owner or occupier of the property or area where the accident occurred is responsible for the serious injuries you suffered.

This would be true if the owner:

  • caused the circumstance leading to your San Diego accident, like he/she opened the poorly marked manhole or dislocated the floor tiles; or had control over the property that led to the hazard, like not properly fixing an air conditioner unit that always leaked water; or was selling a product that was stacked high on shelves that fell down (like Costco and other big retailers);
  • knew of the dangerous circumstances on the premises but did nothing about it; and
  • should have known of the dangerous circumstances on the premises and should have corrected them in his/ her normal duties of managing the property.

In many San Diego accident cases involving slip and falls, the owner's liability is not obvious. You need witnesses, pictures, detailed descriptions of the facilities and unquestionable causation links between the facility, the accident and your injuries. You may also need expert testimony.

Second, your claim must be prepared in such a way that it maximizes your chances of obtaining fair compensation. This requires a thorough knowledge of medical terminology, a network of medical experts, the experience of comparative legal cases and an insider view of insurance companies' calculations and methods.

San Diego slip and fall accident attorney, Mark C. Blane, is the compassionate lawyer you'll want on your side after suffering a serious injury in San Diego. Heading a legal team of approachable, competent, yet unwavering San Diego accident attorneys, Mark C. Blane will personally meet you and supervise your slip and fall case.

Slip and fall Injury Cases We Handle 

Over the years, we have seen many different types of trips, and slip and falls.

Our case experience includes the following: 

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