You should seek medical care immediately. This is true not only if you suffered apparent injuries but also if you think your slip and fall accident was only a minor situation or don’t think you're hurt at all. There's no fixed time period for being examined by a doctor after a slip and fall under California law. However, there are two vital reasons to do so quickly.

Protecting Your Health

Getting medical treatment after slip and fall accidentIt's not uncommon for a minor ache or pain to shift into a more serious medical problem in the days after your slip and fall accident. In addition, the symptoms of some complicated injuries—such as traumatic brain injury, spine issues, and internal bleeding—may not develop until days or even weeks after your fall.

A doctor's examination within the few days after your accident ensures that all injury considerations are evaluated for the type of accident, how and where you connected with the surface, what muscles or ligaments might have sprained or torn as you tried to prevent the slip, trip or fall, and other factors. The exam also provides a baseline of cause in the event your medical condition worsens—or even becomes a life-threatening problem. 

Avoiding Disputes With the Insurance Company

If you delay seeing a doctor and later file a claim for compensation with the negligent party's insurance company, it might try to use this inaction as grounds for reducing or denying your claim settlement.

An insurance adjuster could argue that your injuries were caused by another incident, or they're not that serious. Not getting immediate care might not ruin your case, but it makes it harder for your attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

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