"It was like something stabbing me in the side of my knee. It was a rainy day, and my brother and I went to a restaurant to go and get some food. As soon as I stepped in, there was water on the floor, I slipped and fell and really tore up my knee pretty bad. And, I did not know what to do…I found Mark Blane. He came to my house and spoke to my wife and I, and after he left, we were like, okay, well we got a lawyer now. I never had a doubt that he was the right guy. He is very open, that is what I like about Mark. You call him and he is going to give you the information you are asking for, and then explain it to you so you know exactly what is going on. At times, I thought we were going to have to drop the case, but Mark stuck with it. His perseverance was unbelievable. He is going to fight for every single dime, and he is going to do it in a way where it does not make you feel uncomfortable. That is who he is, a good guy, and a really good personality."  TO SEE THE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL CLICK HERE

Mr. Ernest Ringgold, Former Slip and Fall Injury Client, June 25, 2015