Now, slip and falls are further divided into types or kinds of falls. Namely, there are two kinds of falls a person can have: same-level (or same-surface) falls, and elevated falls. The most common type of fall is the same-level fall, but we sometimes see more serious injuries from an elevated type fall.

Same-level slip and fall accidents can be further classified into four categories:

1. Trip-and-fall accidents, in which pedestrians encounter a foreign object in their walking path;

2. stump-and-fall accidents, in which a moving foot encounters an impediment in the walking surface, whether it is a tacky point on the surface or a defect that impedes the foot;

3. step-and-fall accidents, in which the foot finds an unex- pected failure or hole in the walking surface; and

4. slip-and-fallaccidents,inwhichtheinterfaceoftheshoe and the floor fails to support the walker’s center of gravity over the base area.

Second Type of Slip & Fall Accidents: Elevated Falls!

As previously indicated, elevated falls occur less frequently, but generally result in more severe injuries that usually culminate in some type of permanent impairment to the function of a particular body part. Elevated falls can occur from vehicles, motorized equipment, ladders, loading docks, buildings, and any structure which is off the ground and upon which a person can position him or herself.

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