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  • San Diego CA Slip & Fall Law Firm: Hidden (latent) v. Obvious (patent) Defects Under common law, the builder’s legal liability is extinguished to third parties when the owner has accepted the building. This exemption does not apply to...
  • What You Should Know About California Slip & Falls (Premise Liability) The question most people want to know is if they fall and hurt themselves, can they collect money? The answer to that question is, “That depends on a number...
  • Hazardous Condition: Slip & Fall Accidents in San Diego County California A slip and fall accident occurs where an owner of property is held liable, or at fault, for causing an injury to another person on the property due to some haz
  • Types of Slip and fall accidents & Where They Can occur in California Now, slip and falls are further divided into types or kinds of falls. Namely, there are two kinds of falls a person can have: same-level (or same-surface) fall
  • Falls from ladders can be dangerous - San Diego Elevated Fall Lawyer There are a number of different kinds of ladders available for purchase, & you can fall off of any of them. Call Slip/Fall Injury lawyer Mark Blane 619-813-7955
  • Falls from Vehicles & Equipment, and Falls from Loading Docks | San Diego All too often, people sustain serious injuries and even death from falls from being an extra rider on equipment such as a trac- tor or the bed of a truck.
  • The Slip & Fall Victim's Shoes in a San Diego California Injury Fall Case The shoes of the slip and fall victim are very important to a San Diego, California slip and fall accident case. In my injury law practice, I always ask my slip and fall client to save their shoes in a plastic bag as a reminder to my client not to wear the shoes in question so as to preserve them as evidence in case we need them for the following reasons:
  • The Floor of the Slip & Fall Accident in a San Diego Fall Injury Case The floor of where a slip and fall accident occurred is very important for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, there may be a very good reason why the slip or fall happened which is directly related to the type of floor or flooring surface. One of the first things I ask my injured client is about the floor itself. What was the traction like? Did it have traction? You see, lack of adequate traction is one of the most common causes of falls in businesses and retail stores across California.
  • Why the Slip & Fall Victim is Important to His or Her San Diego Fall Injury Usually the victim of a slip and fall injures him or herself because he or she is doing something reasonable, like shopping, or looking for their kids while shopping. The issue of who the victim of a slip and fall is centers on what that person was doing when they fell. Were they doing something reasonable or unreasonable?
  • The Wollerman Rule on a San Diego Slip and Fall Injury & Accident Case The Wollerman court case is relevant to your San Diego slip and fall injury. In order to create a more equitable balance of justice in regard to the burden of proof in a retail store or supermarket slip and fall case, the court in Wollerman shifted the burden of proof to the defendant (business property owner), Grand Union, to show that it exercised reasonable care in maintaining its retail stores.
  • Mysterious Causes & Slip and Fall Injuries | A San Diego California Insight The injured party was shopping and walking down the "household products" aisle of a discount department store when all of a sudden she slipped and fell causing serious injuries to her body. The injure party claimed the floor was super slippery, which made her left foot slide back causing her fall.
  • Business Owner's Failure to Warn of Hazard | San Diego Slip and Fall Injury If the business owner knows or should have known of a dangerous condition on the premises that he or she knew was possible or "foreseeable" or could present a danger to patrons, then he or she is said to have a duty to exercise ordinary care in either:
  • Slip & Falls in California Retail Stores & Markets | San Diego Injury Firm Slip and falls that lead to injuries in California retail stores and other businesses, like supermarkets, are not the most common type of San Diego slip and fall accident, but they tend to be the most hotly litigated area of slip and falls.
  • Mode of Operation in a California Slip and Fall Case | San Diego Injuries Courts are using the "mode of operation" theory more and more on slip and fall cases. Mode of operation simply refers to the manner in which the merchandise in a retail store is displayed or packaged, and how that is relevant to any slip and fall injury that occurred inside the retail store. The phrase "mode of operation" was first coined to describe the application of a relatively new rule that extended liability to a storeowner if he or she failed to inspect or clean his or her store.
  • CA Slip and Fall | Trip and Fall | El Cajon Premise Liability Law Firm A California slip and fall injury can happen at any time and practically anywhere. If you've slipped and fallen on another person's (or business's) property, and as a result of that fall got injured, you might be entitled to pursue a California premises liability claim. There are, however, many variables and legal details to consider with your specific case. These details might include:
  • California Trip and Fall Injury Cases | San Diego Accident Law Firm California Trip and Fall accidents cost millions of dollars in damages every year and lead to thousands of injuries, some of them severe and even fatal. Whether you or a loved one has slipped on uneven stairs at a restaurant, tripped on raised carpeting or uneven flooring, or tripped on something mostly hidden from view but likely to cause a normally cautious person to fall, you should consider getting a solid assessment of your rights and responsibilities under CA law. Legal compensation for California trip and fall injuries is not guaranteed as these cases tend to get closely scrutinized and there are usually three hurdles a lawyer has to prove to even get legal fault.
  • California Premise Liability Law | San Diego Slip and Fall Law Firm In general, plaintiffs (persons injured and addressing recourse from an at-fault party) can ask for both or either of two types of damages. Compensatory damages deal with losses to person or property and may include missed-vacation time, pain and suffering (which is often estimated), property broken or lost, wages missed due to injuries sustained, future losses of wage income, and medical expenses. So-called punitive damages -- which are not awarded in most California premise liability cases -- are designed to punish a property owner who acts with the intent to cause injury - something that is very unusual in this type of case. Punitive damages are not designed to compensate the California injury victim, but to punish the wrongdoer.
  • El Cajon California Slip and Fall Accident? What to Know About Your Claim Slip and fall accidents are difficult cases to prove because liability (proving who is at fault) is ALWAYS "open to attack" by the defense claims adjuster and defense lawyer defending the claim. If you have been seriously injured in a El Cajon Slip and Fall accident, you need a California slip and fall attorney who has extensive experience investigating, documenting, and making claims in slip and fall injury cases.
  • What Does "Slip and Fall" Mean, and how do you prove liability in California? The words "Slip and fall" is a common term used for a personal injury case in which a person slips or trips and falls, and is injured on someone else's property. These cases, in California, usually fall under the broader category of cases known as "premises liability" claims, because slip and fall accidents usually occur on property (or "premises") owned or maintained by someone else, and the owner or possessor of the property may be held legally responsible.
  • Responsible Parties in a slip or trip and fall case | San Diego California Lawyer In order to recover for a slip and fall injury sustained on another's property in California, there must be a responsible party whose negligence caused the injury. Who is this person or entity? This sounds obvious, but many people do not realize that some injuries are simply accidents caused, if anything, by their own carelessness.