Falls from Vehicles & Equipment

All too often, people sustain serious injuries and even death from falls from being an extra rider on equipment such as a trac- tor or the bed of a truck. I remember growing up in Louisiana and seeing this all the time! Simply put, extra riders should not be permitted on the vehicle. The fun of riding in the bed of a truck is outweighed by its danger of injury. The best way is the safe way—don’t ride in the bed of a truck period!

Falls from Loading Docks

Loading docks are dangerous not just because they are many feet off of the ground, but because they are most likely in a heavy-traffic area and are subject to having different items spilled, splashed or thrown on them so that a person can slip and fall off of them onto the surface below. These areas are in higher risk of these types of dangerous things happening to them. In addition, many have metal dock plates which have been worn smooth and can become very slippery when a person walks on them. Carrying something with another or walking backward on the loading dock without a sturdy railing behind you is an invitation for disaster and potentially serious injury. Proper cleaning and skid-resistant surface coatings will reduce the risk of fall accidents.