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If you are a California resident or injured in a California drunk driving accident then you can request a FREE copy of my book The ULTIMATE CA Drunk Driving Accident Legal Survival Book - The Victim's Guide to Understanding their Legal Rights in California. This book walks an injured victim through their legal rights against a drunk driver in California both through the criminal justice system AND the civil justice system.  Many victims don't realize they can pursue the intoxicated driver both criminally and civilly (personal injury lawsuit). This means a victim can get justice in two different court systems, and the book explains the difference and everything a victim should know in California! There is really nothing like this book out there for injured victims!

That is correct. If you or a loved one has been injured by a California drunk driver, we will fight for your legal rights against the at-fault intoxicated driver. You have rights under both the criminal and civil justice system and we will explain what you need to know about both systems for your particular case. For example, did you know that an injured California victim of an intoxicated driver may sue for punitive damages?  Punitive damages are damages above and beyond the regular damages you get for pain and suffering. San Diego DUI Accident & Injury Lawyer Mark C. Blane will sue for punitive damages on your California drunk driving injury case.  Punitive damages punish the drunk driver for the choice he or she made to get intoxicated and get behind the wheel of a vehicle to cause an accident; typically, the injury claim value is increased due to this fact. Since 1979, California, under the Taylor v. Superior Court ruling has allowed victims of personal injury actions to sue for punitive damages against a California drunk driver!

We Only Represent Victims of Drunk Drivers, and NOT DUI Offenders.
We have many years experience dealing with collisions that were caused by someone who was under the influence of alcohol. Sometimes other persons or entities may be responsible for the drunk driver being intoxicated. Although social hosts (including bars and restaurants) are generally not liable for the later conduct of an intoxicated driver under "California's Dram Shop Laws," there are possible exceptions that a San Diego drunk driving attorney will need to explore on a particular injury case.  For example, if a social host "over served" and obviously intoxicated person, and they knew he was leaving the place in a vehicle, there may be fault attributed to the social host for allowing this to occur. Moreover, if a social host (irresponsible parents) serves minor children or teenagers at their home party they may be legally responsible for the consequences of someone injured later by a drunk driver leaving that party or social gathering.

Don't be Fooled - There is NOTHING Accidental About a "California Drunk Driving Car Accident"

Car accidents happen everyday but just like our friends at Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), we at the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane simply believe there is nothing accidental about a person getting behind a wheel drunk and causing bodily injury to another person. You see, accidents involving a drunk driver are caused by carelessness or deliberating driving under the influence, not by forces that are entirely beyond the control of the at-fault drunk driver. Everyone has responsibility to drink responsibly which includes an action plan of how to get home if you drink anything - taking chances behind the wheel of an automobile is failing to take any responsibility, period.  This means car crashes that are caused by an intoxicated driver of a vehicle are entirely avoidable!

Top Ten Holidays Related to Drunk Driving Accidents

The list below are holidays and dates that are associated with intoxicated driving wrecks in the United States today - you should be on alert while you are on the roadways around these times of the year:

1. Fourth of July Holiday Weekend
2. Halloween Evening (especially for children, Halloween can be the most dangerous night for kids)
3. Labor Day Weekend
4. Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
5. Christmas Week
6. Memorial Day Weekend
7. New Year's Eve
8. Super Bowl Sunday
9. New Year's Day
10. St. Patrick's Day
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California's Victims Compensation Fund & Victims Rights

Drunk driving accident victims should know California provides financial assistance for victims of crime which includes drunk driving collisions. That's right, victims have the benefit of not only financial assistance but also they have priority in following the drunk driver through the criminal courts, and have special rights to be notified about how the drunk driver pleads (accepted blame or requesting a criminal jury trial, bail motions, etc.). Almost any incident involving a drunk driver qualifies as a vehicular crime and thus triggers this victims protection. If you apply for benefits under the Victims Compensation Fund, this will not prevent you from filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver or other entity (social host, bar, restaurant, or homeowner who hosted a drinking party or gathering) that may be legally responsible for the vehicle accident. Yet, you should know that the Victims Compensation Fund is a payer of last resort which means if you have health insurance, or either you or the at-fault driver have auto insurance, that insurance money must be exhausted first before you receive benefits from the Victims Compensation Fund. Otherwise, it must be paid back. For more details, order my FREE book on California Drunk Driving Accidents.
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