You are entitled to Punitive Damages, also known as "exemplary damages" which means you can ask a California jury, judge or claims adjuster to increase the value of your injury case because of the negligent, wreckless conduct, of the Drunk Driver who chose to drink and drive that led to your bodily injuries.  This is true for all of the states in the U.S.
Your California injury lawyer will plead for "Punitive Damages" in the lawsuit, should one be necessary, on top of every other damage you are entitled to.  A good lawyer is needed for these types of injuries because an everyday person will not know how much punitive damage value is available to them from an accident involving an at-fault drunk driver.
Punitive damages are given by a jury, and can be given as part of your over-all settlement by the insurance company prior to trial.  Most insurance companies will argue they should not have to pay out these damages because they are not required to cover for them (because the damages are for reckless or almost intentional conduct, and they only cover for negligence), but every insurance company is required to "minimize" their at-fault insured's potential exposure for said damages!