San Diego speeding accident & injury lawyer Mark C. Blane helped a local San Diego man obtain justice on his bodily injury case when another driver was speeding which caused an auto accident.  The San Diego man was treated by doctors and got better.  The following is an excerpt of what Mr. Blane utilized to obtain the settlement for the man's bodily injury claim:
"The facts have been previously stipulated.  Your insured was negligent in causing an auto accident that resulted in bodily injury and property damage.   Per the police report, your insured caused the collision for driving in violation of code section 22350 (unsafe speed for the conditions).



1.   Strain injuries to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine per Dr. Timothy Yoon, M.D. and Dr. Robert Weinzimer, D.C.

2.   X-Ray Report dated 03/26/07 reveals a slight loss of the normal cervical curvature per Dr. Robert Weinzimer, D.C.

3.   X-Ray Report dated 03/26/07 reveals decreased disc space at C5-C7, as well as osteophyte formations on the anterior aspects of the vertebral bodies of C6-C7 per Dr.  Robert Weinzimer, D.C.

4.   X-Ray Report dated 03/26/07 reveals degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, at C5-C7.  

My injured client presented to Dr. Robert Weinzimer, D.C. the day of the accident where he was evaluated and given diagnostics.  He followed up with a Medical Doctor for further evaluation.  My injured client was given conservative therapy and then released to participate in his own recovery.  Future medical care was documented in the medical findings. 

At the time of this accident, my injured client was employed as a Repair Technician for AT&T.  He was in that job capacity for the past 10 years, and lost one day from work.  Thus, we feel $240.00 is a fair offer for lost wage in lieu of formal documentation directly from employer."

Soft tissue type injuries can lead to a very debilitating medical condition known as loss motion segment integrity; however, here, thankfully the injured man only the type of soft tissue injuries that did not lead to this serious condition.  As  a result, Mr. Blane was able to obtain a fair settlement for the injured man.


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