I was in a head-on collision - I was already into the intersection. He just kept on going...he did not stop. It was pretty scary. He just crushed the whole front. You know, that was my family vehicle, I used it with the kids, and I used it to go to the Redwoods...we drove the van up there. So, the van had memories, so to lose the van, it was kind of hard. So I wanted to make sure I had professional legal representation, and Mark was referred to me.

We talked a little bit, and he actually came to see me at the house. With Mark I felt really comfortable, you know, and even afterwards, I was like wow, I was not expecting that. The settlement was worked out fine, and on top of that I got a surprise. I mean that is always good, who does not like more money? So for me, I was happy with him...so would I refer him? Of course I would. You know, I would in a heart beat. 

Paul Fulcher, Car Collision Client, San Diego, California September 14, 2018