We are committed to making sure each client we meet first understands the Process and the anticipated Result for their injury case. We strive to answer each question solidly BEFORE we even talk about retaining our office. We do this by giving away free injury survival guides, meeting any prospect in person, and being available for anyone who has questions. We believe when we first serve the needs of each potential client, or a client we are representing, we can make the process much smoother for the end result. 


Just like the mythical phoenix rises from the ashes, so will you. Any injury can have a devastating impact in your life, but it cannot define who you are or take away your spirit...your will. There are lessons to be learned from any tragedy, and it is how you react to what you are going through that defines your path. We strive to empower our clients and balance the good with the bad. There is always good to be found, and we do are very best to empower everyone we represent to this awareness. 


We stand on the "shoulders of giants" that have come before us by continually educating ourselves with helping our clients against the insurance companies. We go way beyond the minimal continuing education mandated by the California state bar, and have attended numerous programs, schools, educational programs in trial, mediation, negotiation, jury selection, cross-examination, all of the tools a great trial lawyer needs to embrace to navigate the injury waters the defense stirs up. We embrace the philosophy of Gerry Spence, and Don Keenan, two of the most respected trial lawyers in America. Mark Blane is a proud Masters graduate of the Keenan Trial Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. We are committed to knowledge and to never stop learning!


No matter what happens in your injury case, there is always an answer or option. I have never had a case where we could not successfully navigate an issue or problem that came out of nowhere. Just know, there will always be a answer or path to take, and our job is to make sure you know so you can make an informed decision. 


We all know there is a right way and a wrong way to do something. Here, we do not give you advice on your options unless it is an option that is right and option that we would do ourselves. We hold this integrity within ourselves and give it to each client on each case, from the beginning to the end. 


You will never be "lost in the shuffle" when you become a client. In your injury journey, you will have Mark Blane's work email, and cell phone contact. In fact, Mark does a lot of emails for each of his clients some of which include "friendly reminders," or "check lists, etc." This helps keep each client on track, and keeps them informed. We are organized, and each file has momentum, either with medical care, or pushing the file on the legal end. We are also continually contacting the insurance company reminding them of what is coming down the road with each client's injury, so they are prepared to compensate to the level that justice demands. 


We all know the insurance companies do NOT have your best interest at heart. Why would a million dollar company pay out the value you are entitled to if they believe there is a way to lower that value? We know what the insurance companies try to get away with, and we combat it by focused and direct momentum that comes from years of legal practice. By embracing the fact that the insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line, we move forward with our experience and confidence in each case. 


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