"I was taking my daughter to a frozen yogurt shop, and I was adjusting a window blind, and the next thing you know, a blunt force trauma on my head...my daughter was very freaked out. I could not work for about three months because I could not concentrate, I was irritable, I was all out-of-whack. Mark came and met me, and I could tell that Mark was very competent, and confident. He had a very calm and comforting approach to him.

I asked him: Do you have any particular experience with the insurance company I am about to go up against? He said: Oh, yeah I deal with them all the time. I knew at that point that he was my attorney. I could always get a hold of him or his staff. And, he always managed my expectations perfectly. Everything he said he was going to do he delivered on. I would recommend Mark to everybody that is involved in any type of personal injury matter...he is competent...he is punctual...he is personable...he is a really good human being. If Google and Yelp would have allowed more stars I would have given him more stars."

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Robert Cucurull, Head Injury Client, San Diego, California October 29, 2018