I represented Joshua B. against an at-fault Ford F-250 truck driver who violated a well-known safety rule when he pulled out in front of Joshua on a busy San Diego California street. The truck driver was inattentive. The next thing Josh knew is that he went flying off of his bicycle and went head first into the back of the Ford F-250. Josh sustained some head and spine injuries.

California Resident Needed A Legal Advocate

The medical bills started rolling in and Josh knew he needed a legal advocate. Someone who could become his voice in his time of need. I took on the challenge of Josh's injury case. Bicycle cases can be tricky. First of all, there are rules of the road for both motorists and bicyclist. You have to be extra viligent as bicyclist because you simply don't have much protection if you collide with a car, or truck. Sometimes you can be following all the rules but the other driver is not following any of the safety rules of the road.

Under-Insured Motorist Coverage

In Josh's case, I was able to settle his case with the insurance company. Both the at-fault party's insurance, and with Josh's UIM (under-insured motorist) coverage. You see, sometimes at-fault drivers fail in both their responsibility when it comes to the rules of the road, and with having adequate automobile insurance. A good injury lawyer will be able to navigate the tricky road when it comes to compensation from the insurance companies.

Josh's case ended amicably. He was also lucky with his medical care because his injuries could have easily been worse.


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