The driver claimed that he never even saw me...I was actually on a bike ride, and a Ford F-250 pulled right out in front of me. I hit head first right into the back of his truck, and then fell off right into the traffic. Before I knew it I was being told my back was broken, and I was basically sent on an eight to twelve week recovery regimen. It was really was really overwhelming. Now, it was these medical bills stacking up, and they were in the tens of thousands of dollars. I could not take it anymore, so I just reached out and found Mark, and he came out and met me the very next day. It was a very fast response. He knew what he was going to do...he was like, 'well we are going to go to their insurance first since it was this guy's fault, and then, do you have under-insured motorist?' He almost had the case settled on our initial meeting. The attention to detail, his responsiveness, the over-all outcome of the case, and the settlement that I received speak volumns to Mark's abilities as a lawyer.Joshua Benz, former bicycle collision client, August 2, 2016