I represented a young mother who was pushing a baby carriage across an intersection in National City, California when she was struck by a vehicle who was distracted and not paying attention. This preventable collisoin occurred on 09/24/14. Triple A represented the at-fault party, and I argued that the collision was completely preventable because their insured broke a well-known traffic safety rule: A driver must pay attention of the roadway in order to protect all of us from serious injuries or death.

My client was taken by the ambulance to Sharp Hospital where she was evaluated and admitted for four days.  She was admitted with fracture of the hip, pelvis,  and sacral area.  Her nose broke and she received six stitches to the face.  She underwent a course of seven physical therapy treatments while at the hospital.  She was given crutches to use for a couple of months to help the healing process and followed up with an orthopedic surgeon.

Luckily, and thankfully, her little baby was not harmed. He rolled out of the baby carriage when she push it away from her prior to her being struck by the car. He was evaluated at Radys Childrens' Hospital and released.

I was able to settle the case for policy limits of $250,000.00 under the at-fault drivers' insurance policy, and I also obtained a settlement for the baby for $2,798.00.

$252,798.00 Policy Limits

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