I am always aware of my surroundings, and I am aware of everything...but that day I was not. I was going to the store to get cigarettes, and the guy (at the store) started an altercation with me, and it escalated to where he grabbed a baseball bat, and hit me in the face. The guy was arrested, and he was charged with assault. The ambulance came, and I got ten stitches. In my situation I knew I had to get a lawyer because I was injured...so that is why I contacted Mark. Right away, the next day or so, he met up with me and got the work started. I was still bruised, scarred, and I had stitches. He was really sympathetic, nice, and caring. He was always in contact with me. And, when I would call him to check the status of the case, he would answer my calls or get back to me. He was very professional about it. He was always there when I needed him. Mark is the best.Richard Gonzales, Past Assault Client, July 30, 2016