Yes, but there are some special considerations. If you're injured at your job in California and file a worker’s compensation claim, you're entitled to payment for reasonably necessary medical treatments. These might include doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, medications, physical therapy, and chiropractic treatments.

Can a Chiropractor Be Your Primary Physician?

having a chiropractor as primary care for workers' compIf your employer set up a medical provider network (MPN) for workers filing workers’ comp claims, you'll need to select a doctor within this network.

The doctor in charge of your medical treatment is referred to as your primary treating physician (PTP). He plays an essential role in your overall medical care for your injury.

Your PTP must examine you at least once to provide you with medical treatment and monitor its effects. He also oversees and issues reports regarding medical care provided by secondary physicians, physical therapists, and other health care providers.

You can select a chiropractor as your PTP. However, these rules apply:

  • You're only entitled to 24 treatments by a chiropractor under California workers’ compensation laws. This means that he or she can only be your PTP until you reach this limit.
  • Once you max out the 24 allotted chiropractic visits, you must select a new PTP. This doctor cannot be a chiropractor.
  • Your employer can agree to extend the number of chiropractic treatments you receive. This agreement must be in writing.

While a PTP is responsible for your overall health care after a workplace injury, a secondary physician is not. After you reach the 24-visit limit, you may opt to have a chiropractor as a secondary physician and again request approval from your employer in writing.

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