Bicycle accidents can involve serious bodily injuries, so it is all the more unfortunate that bike accidents can be caused by so many various road hazards, such as railway or trolley tracks. In the event a California bike accident claim alleges that a municipal government somehow failed to fulfill its obligation to maintain safe travel access for bicyclists, retaining the services of a San Diego bicycle accident firm is extremely advisable.

Liability Factors for Bicycle Accident Caused by Railway or Trolley Tracks 

Some liability factors include: 

  • The position of the tracks or rails - tracks that run parallel to traffic pose a much greater threat than those that are perpendicular to the flow of traffic. 
  • Attempts by the local government or entity to reduce the hazard of bicycle riders - for example, if rails are no longer used, they could be removed or at the very least covered to prevent accidents. Warning signs could also be used to advise cyclists of the danger.  

If you have been injured in an accident because of hidden or obscured trolley tracks or railways, you may qualify for compensation by filing a California bike accident claim. Contact a San Diego bicycle accident firm that is experienced in handling cases like yours.

Take Control of Your California Bike Accident Claim by Contacting a San Diego Bicycle Accident Firm

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