Abusive California Child Caregivers at Daycare FacilitiesChildren playing at daycare in San Diego California

This brief introduction is written for both parents and caregivers. Persons who engage in abusive behavior toward children, unfortunately, are usually very good at keeping it less than apparent. They tend to continue the abuse “under the radar” and are good at manipulating silence from children. They are adept at getting their child victims to stay quiet about being mentally or physically abused. They are often skilled in getting themselves into positions of power or employment where they have unlimited access to children. Maybe you’re facing a possible daycare abuse situation right now. Maybe you’ve confirmed daycare abuse with your child, or perhaps you’re simply looking for ways to prevent abuse while your child is in someone else’s care.

Well, I have got good news, as you’ve come to the right place. Education is key in addressing the procedural and legal issues around daycare and childcare abuse in California, and through education, we can not only discover and intervene against child abuse but take steps to prevent it from happening to our children. Some of the stories we hear are always horrific: from punishments involving thumbtacks resulting in puncture wounds across a child’s back to illicit photos posted online by care providers, from neglect resulting in the death of a child on a hot day to care providers allowing older children to bully and assault a younger child, daycare, and childcare abuse is nothing to take lightly.

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But you’ve taken a step in the right direction. Educate yourself and your children about the prevalence and warning signs of child abuse, then pass along this information.  Here is our free California Daycare & Childcare Abuse book:

We’ve included several resources for you to use in your search for answers (in the free book) and have researched several communities for you to interact with other parents and caregivers. Join us in the crusade to fight against the evils of childcare abuse—and make a difference in your child’s life today.

As you will see as you read through the pages of this free book, you will learn how to believe your children and watch workers at daycare or childcare facilities. Yes, children sometimes confuse their imaginations with reality, and it has been shown, despite a romantic stereotype that people like to adhere to, that children are capable of lying. However, whenever a child claims to be abused, special attention should be paid. At first, they may not tell you everything that is going on with them, or they may be in the middle of severe abuse by the time they do tell you. Anything suspicious coming from them should be duly recorded, and you should pay close attention.

Get Armed with Information First! 

In regards to workers at daycare or childcare facilities, you should be armed with information on how to watch how they interact with children. You can certainly learn a lot about a person’s general disposition when you watch them. When you are actually at a daycare or childcare facility, remember to be on the lookout for workers who seem to have short tempers, who tend to boss the children around instead of being authoritative to them, or who have cruel attitudes. Persons who are good daycare workers are simply not bullies; they are trained and skilled professionals who enjoy what they do for a living and keep children in line without being aggressive toward them. You should also be aware that some child abusers are sometimes transferred from daycare facility to daycare facility. The transferring itself may mean nothing at all since some workers may not have been happy at the last daycare or childcare facility they worked in, or perhaps they got a better job offer with a better salary than the one they are working at now. However, make sure that you take the time to ask about any new hires at your child’s facility. It is the best way you can make sure you have some idea about who they hire and why.

Well, that’s about it for my brief introduction to California Daycare & Childcare abuse and neglect injuries. The rest of the information you need to know about is at your fingertips in either the free book we offer or a simple phone call to me directly. If you ever have a question about any of the material presented in this book or information presented on this website concerning California Daycare Child Abuse or Neglect, feel free to call me directly at (619) 813-7955.