California School Bus Accident Attorney | Injuries to School ChildrenChild looking both ways before crossing the street

I trust your children are the most important things in your life, and when it comes to their safety, that is your number one priority. When you entrust them to a school bus driver, you expect that person to get them back to you safely to and from school. However, something can sometimes go wrong since school buses are not equipped with items you normally find in a car, like seat belts. If your California school child has been injured in a school bus accident, a San Diego personal injury attorney like Mark C. Blane can help you recover compensation from the responsible party, which is usually the school district or the at-fault driver that caused the school bus accident (but other parties may be at fault too).

Some Causes of California School Bus Accidents

California school bus-related injuries can often be caused by:

1. poor driving,
2. unsafe district policies,
3. other drivers or vehicles,
4. drug use or distracted driving,
5. defective property or devices on the school bus,
6. improperly functioning lights or automated side school bus signs,
7. wear and tear damage to the school bus,
8. or poor school bus maintenance.

You may be entitled to financial compensation if these items can be demonstrated via adequate proof in court. If your child has been in a school bus-related accident of any kind, you may be able to claim compensation and recovery for your child - the California courts supervise any settlement to a minor child (under the age of 18).  Don't wait. Contact us today for a free consultation, or grab one of our many free legal-help books on this website!

California School Bus Injuries Caused by Poor Driving

Unsafe driving can be dangerous or deadly in any vehicle, but often more so in a school bus. The reasons for this vary, but the fact remains that school buses are extremely large and, more importantly, are filled with children entrusted to the care of the school bus driver. Moreover, there are no seat belts equipped on school buses. Therefore, the school bus driver must know how to navigate all traffic effectively. Poor decisions about driving in unsafe weather may often lead to an injury or school bus accident. Violations of legal speed limits, overly aggressive driving, or failing to yield when required are all examples of mistakes that could be made by a poor driver in charge of your child's safety to and from school - and these are all errors that could lead to injury. These misjudgments a professional school bus driver should know better than to make. 
If your child has been injured because of such an incident, you can contact the California School Bus Accident & Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane today at (619) 813-7955 to help you determine your best legal recourse in these specific types of claims. We offer Free Consultations, so give us a call today.  You owe it to your child to get the personal injury attorney possible. You can also download any of our FREE legal help books for child injuries in California. We have other FREE books to help you navigate your child's injury claim process!