Road rage, a form of extremely aggressive driving characterized by a disregard for other motor vehicles, cyclists, or pedestrians, causes thousands of San Diego, California auto crashes every year. A San Diego car accident lawyer may be able to help if you have sustained personal injuries in an accident caused by another driver's aggressive or negligent behavior behind the wheel.Aggressive driver in San Diego displaying road rage

Signs of Road Rage in San Diego Include the Following

When Confronted by an Aggressive Driver

While you can't control another's frame of mind, intentions, or actions, you can be prepared to deal with a driver exhibiting signs of road rage.

  • Concentrate on the road and get out of the driver's way
  • Do not challenge an aggressive driver by attempting to speed up to prevent being cut off. Slow down and let him or her pass so that you can put more distance between your cars.
  • Avoid eye contact. An aggressive driver might take this as a dare, or it may enrage him or her further.
  • Ignore rude or inappropriate gestures and do not reciprocate.
  • Report road rage to the police when you have a chance to pull over to a safe location or have a passenger call.
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