How to Prevent, Discover & Act on Daycare Child Abuse

How to PREVENT, DISCOVER & ACT on California Daycare CHILD ABUSE: Be Proactive and Educate Yourself with Important Legal Information First!

This book focuses on many different facets when it comes to a child abuse or injury situation involving a daycare or childcare center or facility in California. It also addresses the law, and the legal process. What follows are examples of what you get in addition to the main points of this book:


Thus, this book is well suited to those individuals or parents who have a potential civil case against a negligent party for child abuse or injury, who already have a lawyer or who just do not know where to start. It could also be a useful tool for those who still have not retained legal counsel, suspect they may have a child abuse or injury case, or need specific legal information first. Since a majority of injury cases settle prior to trial, I want to focus on what a person or parent needs to do—and what a person or parent can expect—once he or she has a viable child abuse & injury claim.

I want to give precise and useful information that will get you to the heart of the information quickly. I also understand that most people who get this book need this important informa- tion as soon as possible. Some of you will be parents or close family members of children injured by a child daycare facility, and some of you will be individuals looking to inform your- selves of important information that is not readily available to you or even known by the general public. You will find the information you need quickly, and it will be to the point. I suggest that you order additional copies of this book for your friends and family members, so they are able to take advantage of the valuable legal information and insight presented. Also, feel free to help yourself to other free books that are available to download on my website, and explore the many different legal videos I have produced that are about child injury cases, the process, and the legal standards of care for a particular injury case.

In fact, some of the material covered in this book can be found in legal videos on this website where I give more detailed explanations. Please take advantage of my video center located here on my website to augment any of the material you read about in this book.

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