If you've been injured in a bicycle accident involving a vehicle and are considering a bike accident claim in San Diego, you may have spoken to one of the many San Diego bicycle accident lawyers who have explained to you the complexity and difficulty of arguing a bicycle accident case.

It's because of these complications that expert witnesses are a valuable resource in trying bike accident cases, should it become necessary that your bike accident claim needs to go to court.

Factors Expert Witnesses Examine to Help Your Bike Accident Claim

Expert witnesses can provide input on: 

  • the conditions of the road and the impact of conditions such as poor weather or disrepair;
  • traffic control signals, visibility obstructions, speeds of the bicycle and involved vehicle at the time of the accident, and other contributing factors;
  • failures of a bicycle's mechanical parts due to lack of repair or proper maintenance; and
  • the events that led up to the accident. 

Expert witnesses can analyze and explain injuries as well, making a judge or jury more aware of the impact of injuries and demonstrating the details of catastrophic injuries and the means necessary to rehabilitate and support injured cyclists. If you've been injured in an accident, ask the team of San Diego bicycle accident lawyers representing you how expert witnesses might be useful in your bike accident claim in San Diego.

Take Control of Your Bike Accident Claim in San Diego by Contacting a Team of San Diego Bicycle Accident Lawyers 

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