Hiring "Expert Witnesses" in Bicycle Accidents Cases

There are many factors that can make a bicycle accident case difficult to litigate in court. The complexities of a bike accident case often make it appropriate to use "expert witnesses," whose knowledge, education, training and ability to communicate to a judge or jury can make a difference in your legal outcome if you case goes to an actual jury trial. Expert witnesses may be needed to analyze and testify about the following different factors:

  • 1.  Road conditions (roads or paths in different degrees of disrepair);
  • 2.  The chain of events that led to a bicycle accident in the first place and accident recreation with video or the like;
  • 3.  Other factors that contributed to a bike accident, such as traffic control signals, visibility obstruction (debris) and the speed at which the bicycle and vehicle were traveling at the time of the accident; and,
  • 4.  Bicycle mechanical failures due to unsafe parts or negligent maintenance or repair;

Expert witnesses can also be helpful in analyzing and explaining your injuries in reports, or even educating a jury or judge. Experts such as medical doctors like neurologists, orthopedic surgeons, or professional financial consultants like economists, life-case planners, as well as experts in vocational rehab and human factors, are often necessary in catastrophic injury cases to explain the details that make all the difference in an injury case. It is crucial that in such high damage/injury cases attorneys or law firms with substantial monetary resources are hired if a client hopes to obtain maximum compensation for his or her injuries.  The "devil is in the details" when it comes to injury cases, and most of the time, it starts with the medical findings.  The San Diego Bicycle Accident Attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane, APC are prepared to help you obtain the best possible result in a bike accident, if you or your loved one has suffered bicycle accident injuries.

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