Street potholes can cause serious bike accidents in San Diego. Under some conditions, the public or government entity responsible for maintaining city roads can be liable for injuries and damages. If you've been injured in a bike accident caused by a pothole, meet with a San Diego, California, bicycle accident firm who can help you pursue an injury claim.

How Potholes Cause Your Bike Accident in San Diego

  • Long-term use causes wear and tear, leading to surface cracks that can expand if not repaired and 
  • Low-quality temporary road fixes can sink or break in a short amount of time if not permanently repaired. 

If temporary work caused the pothole, the public entity responsible for performing roadwork on the road or area in which you were injured might be accountable if it didn't provide an obvious warning about the dangerous potholes.

If the pothole has developed from wear and tear, the liability of the damages comes down to how long the pothole has been present. The entity responsible for road work may not be liable if it is relatively new. If the pothole had existed for some time - weeks or months - then the government is much more likely to be held responsible, mainly if other accidents have occurred at the site.

If you've been injured in one of the many bike accidents in San Diego each year, contact our San Diego, California, bicycle accident firm to determine your eligibility for compensation.

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