A California bicycle accident that involves a motor vehicle will likely end in terrible injury, and bicyclist negligence can play a huge factor in the resultant bike accident claim in San Diego. If you have been injured, speak with one or several California bicycle accident attorneys about determining the liability in your accident.

Negligence in a Bicycle Accident in California

Negligence can consist of: 

  • riding the wrong way down a one-way street;
  • running a stop sign; and
  • turning abruptly in traffic without properly signaling

It's important to keep in mind that in California, negligence can be "apportioned" between 2 parties. This is because California uses a system of "comparative fault" in its negligence laws. This means that a cyclist may be found partially at fault in an accident that caused his or her injuries and can still recover damages from a motorist who also contributed to the accident. 

Bicycles don't provide a lot of protection to cyclists, and as a result, accidents that involve both cars and bikes typically involve severe injuries, accompanied by high medical expenses, hospital fees, and rehabilitative costs. For this reason, determining the apportionment of liability can be hotly contested by both parties. If you have been injured and are pursuing a bike accident claim in San Diego, contact a team of California bicycle accident attorneys.

Take Control of Your Bike Accident Claim in San Diego by Contacting California Bicycle Accident Attorneys 

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