Negligent truck driving down road in CaliforniaAs a driver, it is a good idea to become familiar with the types of truck collisions that can occur on the road, whether or not you have been involved in a crash in San Diego. If you are involved in a truck accident, work with a San Diego truck accident lawyer who can help you build a personal injury claim.

Below are 6 examples of commercial vehicle driver negligence that can lead to an accident: 

  1. An aggressive driver will be distracted and more likely to speed, make frequent lane changes, or cut off other drivers on the road.
  2. Driver error may include failing to use a turn signal or neglecting a blind spot.
  3. Particularly with trucks, negligence may occur regarding a driver's cargo. He or she may fail to properly load and secure the cargo in the vehicle. This may result in the truck being overweight, unbalanced, or unsecured.
  4. A driver may cause an accident if he or she is negligent of the road conditions. This includes continuing to drive in poor conditions at unsafe speeds.
  5. All truck drivers must adhere to federal law, and if he or she neglects mandatory rest periods, unsafe driving may result.
  6. A driver under the influence is at high risk for causing an accident if he or she is inebriated with alcohol, prescription, or illegal drugs.  

If you are involved in a crash in San Diego involving a truck, speak to a San Diego truck accident lawyer to discuss your options. For more information about a crash in San Diego, visit our article library.

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