As is true in most California personal injury cases involving vehicle accidents, the primary legal theory of liability in commercial truck accident cases is "negligence." In other words,A Commercial Truck Accident in San Diego California there was some breach of due care owed to you (the other injured car driver) by the commercial truck driver.  In a nutshell, a person or business entity (the defendant) is negligent if they failed in their duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances, and the plaintiff's injuries result from that failure. So, a person injured in a commercial truck accident must show that:

  • Defendant (driver, trucking company, commercial party, or other party) owed the plaintiff (injured driver) the duty to exercise a reasonable degree of care to avoid injury under the circumstances. This element is almost always automatically met by virtue of the fact that all drivers on the road owe a legal duty of reasonable care to fellow drivers, passengers, and pedestrians;
  • Defendant failed to exercise such reasonable care, or in legal terms, "breached" the duty of reasonable care;
  • Defendant's failure to exercise reasonable care was the cause of the injury suffered by the plaintiff.
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