It can be difficult to determine liability in a pedestrian accident in San Diego without the assistance, knowledge, and experience of a California pedestrian rights attorney. Many pedestrians, and even more motorists, are unaware of the rules and regulations that apply to interactions between pedestrians and drivers. 

When a police report is recorded after a pedestrian accident in San Diego, the officer will typically conduct an investigation to pre-determine fault for the accident. In many cases, liability is shared by the pedestrian and the driver, so the services of a California pedestrian rights attorney well-acquainted with accidents like yours will be vital to proving your case.

A pedestrian is responsible for adhering to the rules of the road. For instance, if a pedestrian crosses a street illegally (thereby jaywalking) and is struck by a car, then he or she is, in some way, at least partially liable for the accident. If the car that hit the pedestrian was speeding, then the motorist is also liable, and the tricky business of determining the apportionment of liability must commence before a settlement can be reached. 

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in San Diego, contact a California pedestrian rights attorney who can help you determine liability of your accident, even if you suspect you may be partially to blame. 

Take Control of Your Pedestrian Accident in San Diego by Contacting a California Pedestrian Rights Attorney

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