Just as certain rules govern motor vehicle traffic, there are certain regulations and duties that pertain to a pedestrian accident in San Diego. If you are injured as a pedestrian by a vehicle, liability can be a tricky issue to pin down, so it is highly advisable that you seek the counsel and resources of a California pedestrian rights attorney.

Responsibilities and Duties of a California Pedestrian

California's vehicle code mandates that safe, reliable pedestrian travel and access be available to residents, whether by foot, walker, stroller, or wheelchair.

Pedestrians are not exempt from following traffic rules, although a different set of regulations determine proper conduct than for motor vehicles. Some of the duties of a pedestrian include the following: 

  • obey traffic signs and signals;
  • be aware of surrounding traffic conditions;
  • if a crosswalk is present, use it;
  • grant vehicles the right of way in lieu of traffic signs;
  • determine that an intersection is in fact clear before attempting to cross;
  • walk towards oncoming traffic when there are no sidewalks; and
  • do not hold up traffic when crossing any roads. 

Failure to adhere to pedestrian regulations could result in a citation for jaywalking, or even worse, you could be struck by a car that leaves you in critical condition or fatally injured. In the event of a pedestrian accident in San Diego with a vehicle, liability against the driver can be lessened if it is determined that your failure to follow pedestrian rules somehow contributed to the accident that caused your injuries.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident in San Diego, you should contact a California pedestrian rights attorney to assist you in determining the liability of the accident and pursuing an injury claim that compensates you for the damages and injury you have sustained. 

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