This video explains attorney Mark Blane's legal help library of books for injured folks in California. He explains what books he has available to the public free of charge and how it can help you or a loved one on your injury case.


Hi, this is San Diego personal injury attorney and legal author Mark Blane, and I would like to talk to you about my accident victim legal help library of books. It's located on my website at Now I've written a total of nine books to date that have been published and they focus on important relevant and easy-to-understand information for accident victims in California. For example, in my book wolf in sheep's clothing, which became a best-seller on Amazon, I reveal how your injury case will more than likely be reviewed by computer software programs instead of an actual insurance claims adjuster. Or my book on California drunk driving injury accidents, where I focus on important information for injured victims' rights in California, and how their injury claim value is affected by the drunk driver pleading or being found guilty in the DUI criminal charge that caused the accident. There's also my book on California slip and fall accidents where I give you insight on your slip-and-fall case, and what you need to be aware of when it comes time to those types of injuries.

Two of my books are devoted to California children's injury cases on the entire legal process, and one focuses on how to prevent discovery and act on claims of child abuse at California daycare and child care centers. Available in Spanish is my book on the ten secrets you need to know about your injury case before you call a lawyer. In this book, I write about the ten things that you need to know about that will help you on many different levels with your particular California accident case. Take my book on California dog bite injuries, where I talk about the legal standard of care for dog owners, and dog keepers including how a negligent landlord may take the blame for a dog bite injury owned by his or her irresponsible tenant. Finally,  my last book to date which is soon to be released next month is written specifically for doctors on how they can effectively document their patient's personal injury cases from A to Z coming out later in the month. In that book I reveal the secret weapons on how a doctor should document soft and hard tissue injuries and why ligament injury is the most overlooked diagnosis in typical soft tissue accident cases today now I sell all of those books on amazon com but if you're a California resident.

If you've been injured in a California accident you can obtain the entire book selection library on my website for free at Blaine law com you can request them as a paperback or as a free ebook download it's just that simple if you or a family member have questions on your California injury case and you you need to talk to me you can pick up the phone and call me at 6 198 straightforward answer that's my guarantee to you I'm mark Blaine thanks for joining me and have a great day.

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