Safety Should Come First with Bicyclists but Even with Safety in Place, Bike Accidents Still Happen and Sometimes they have Devastating Consequences

Different Types of Bicycle Injuries

Bicycle injuries can be very serious since you have less protections than if you were in an enclosed vehicle. According to the NHTSA, in 2006 there were approximately 773 bicycle deaths, and approximately 44,000 bicycle injuries resulting from bicycle accidents involving other motorists (autos and motorcycles). Unfortunately, in 1999, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 98% of bicycle deaths, the bike rider was not wearing a helmet. However, a cyclist, even when wearing a helmet and protective clothing, is no match for a car or truck impacting him or her. Due to this fact, bicycle accidents commonly result in a variety of serious injuries to the body, in addition to death in some instances. Common serious injuries from bicycle accidents include:

  • 1.  head trauma,
  • 6.  severed limbs, and
  • 7.  serious abrasions or "road rash" that can lead to infection.

These types of medical injuries common to bike accidents may deprive a cyclist not only of his or her good health which is the most important thing in the world, but to the bicyclist's capacity to earn a living which is vitally important.  Also, the ability to care for his or her family; especially if another member of the family depended on the bicyclist for certain needs. Sometimes, if the injured bicyclist is married, the spouse may be entitled to loss of consortium damages.  Bicycle accident victims often require costly medical care as a result of the injuries they sustain. The need for this care in cases involving catastrophic injuries may continue throughout the cyclist's entire life, and if so, these medical damages need to be duly supported in the medical findings; either in medical reports or through expert medical testimony.

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