Carlsbad California Attorney Bruno Flores practices in Bankruptcy and Estate Planning. One area he does not practice in is personal injury law. However, he has this covered as he refers all his injury calls to my office for one main reason: I get the job done for the client.

Since Bruno specializes in a completely different practice area, he sometimes receives calls from injured folks looking for an injury attorney. He needs to be able to refer those calls out to someone he knows he can trust. Not just someone off of the internet, but someone who has a good reputation, experience, and can get the job done with great results. Bruno and I met back in 2009, and I have been helping his referrals since that time. Also, Bruno is a great Estate Planning and Bankruptcy lawyer, and I refer any calls I get back to him for great results.

It is imperative that lawyers, like us, who are solo-practitioners, have resources and referrals available for the calls we cannot take. Most of the time these are calls we get that are not in our particular practice area. Sometimes we get calls from people who are looking for a completely different type of lawyer, and we like to refer them out to someone we know and trust rather than just say "sorry we cannot help you as we do not practice in that area." This is all about customer service, and helping those that can be helped in a better way, and if that means we can refer out to another lawyer we personally know [and know about the results this lawyer gets] then all the better for the person calling us.

By the way, as I mentioned above, Bruno Flores is a great lawyer in Estate Planning, Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, and Corporate Affairs. If you would like to learn more about him, here is his contact information below:

Law Offices of Bruno Flores, APC
3146 Tiger Run Court, Suite 109
Carlsbad, California 92010
Tel:  (760) 448-2222
Fax:  (760) 448-2226

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