Posted on Sep 17, 2018

ATTENTION ALL LAWYERS THAT NEED TO REFER OUT A PERSONAL INJURY CASE:  Per California Bar Rule 2-200, I pay a generous referral fee to any duly licensed lawyer that refers my law office a Personal Injury case. The average referral fee can range from 25%-33% of my gross attorneys fees, depending on some factors such as case difficulty, whether a lawsuit was required, and expended costs on my end.

This is great for lawyers who do not practice in personal injury but obtain a good lead, or referral for a case. They need to find a good San Diego trial lawyer to refer the case to -- I always confirm in writing, generally via emails, that I have retained the case, and I am more than happy to keep the referring attorney posted with updates every 120 days. 

Or, this program is great for lawyers that practice in personal injury, but do not take certain cases within personal injury: such as slip and falls, or dog bites, or car collision cases. There are some lawyers that only do one specific area in personal injury, but not another area. 

Let's face it - if you get a call on a personal injury case, and you do not do that area, you need to get them to a qualified lawyer that will get the job done. Just go to my CLIENT TESTIMONIAL VIDEO CENTER showcasing all my past clients with phenomenal testimonials of my legal services. 

Or, you can check out my FREE OFFER section showcasing all the free information I give injured people in order for them to make an informed decision on their specific injury case. You can check out my RESULTS section here. You can even check out my ATTORNEY ENDORSEMENT section here showcasing some of the attorneys that have referred me personal injury cases in the past.

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