Attorney Steven Houbeck has been practicing bankruptcy law in San Diego since 1993. He knows all too well that his clients will contact him needing a good injury lawyer. Heck, sometimes he has clients from ten years ago calling him "out of the blue" asking if he knows anyone. He always thinks of me, but for good reason. I get the job done. Over the years this trust building has grown. In fact, Steve even referred me his brother and father when they got into a car accident. I do my best with every case that I have, and it makes no difference how I get a client. This is why I am sure that each of my clients get the same attention to detail as any other client recieves. Lawyers know this. Lawyers like Steven need to be effective in their practice, and they know thye need to be able to refer their leads, which may be a current or former client of theirs, to competent legal counsel.

By the way, Steven is a pretty good bankruptcy attorney as well. If you would like to contact him for more information on bankruptcy cases you should give him a call at (619) 463-4357, and tell you saw this video. Or, if you need to talk to me about you or someone you know who got injured due to someone else not being careful enough, give me a call at (619) 813-7955. Thanks for watching!

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