“My name is Dennis Dascanio, and I am a certified specialist in workers’ compensation for 29 years. Workers’ compensation has become so complicated that I need to have a team that extends beyond my office…and Mark Blane is an extremely good attorney to bring on to any of these types of claims. He’s a nice guy…honest…ethical…great results, (really) GREAT results, as a matter of fact, I would say when dealing with the client, he is more humbled by the situation and he is there to help that client first. And they tell us how wonderful of a relationship they have with Mark and his office. Well, that is why we use Mark because he reflects very well the quality of work that we do. He is very cordial…very personal…I highly recommend that he be a part of any workers compensation support team.”

Dennis Dascanio, San Diego & Orange County Workers Compensation Attorney Specialist