The biggest thing about being a trial lawyer is experience and learning how to tell peoples’ stories, and it is my job to learn the best way to tell their story to other people. I know how to try cases…I have spent over 30 years learning how to try cases in other states, and jurisdictions. I am one of the few lawyers in the country that has been through Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, and the vast majority of my work is working with other attorneys that bring me in on their cases in order to try them for them. Working with Mark is great. He is a good lawyer, and he is even a better person. He is aware of other peoples’ feelings, and he is aware of what is going on with other people. My rule of thumb is that I have to believe I can tell another person’s story in the way it ought to be told. Mark has that same philosophy as I do. He was very helpful to me throughout the case, and he made sure that this case was well under control. I think I bring a lot to the table with my trial skills, and abilities. Mark and I complimented each other very very well.

Jim Brown, San Diego Trial Lawyer