“I am Steve Houbeck, and I have been practicing law for 22 years. I focus mainly on bankruptcies, corporate reorganizations, business reorganizations…I have had clients that I have done business with many ten years ago, and they will call me out of the blue, Steve this is what happened, refer me to someone, oh yes, talk to Mark Blane. I get a lot of positive feedback from all my clients that I have referred to Mark. I trust him with my own family members…I have referred my brother to him, my father to him. With Mark, it is easy to understand what he is saying. He can tell people this is what you should expect, and explain to them in a very simple way to where they can understand and they can comprehend. Mark diffuses the fear that most people have when they have a legal problem…you calm down, and you can relax, and you can move forward. Mark is a honest person. He has integrity. He will help people with any problem that they present to him. It is nice to go to someone who will be there for you to help you, and Mark is that person.”

Steven Houbeck, San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney