Car/Motorcycle Accident

California is a comparative-fault state which means if you are partly at-fault in automobile or motorcycle accident, the degree of liability or negligence on your part, is adjusted accordingly between you and the other party or parties involved in the car accident.  This holds true even if your case is transformed into an uninsured or underinsured motorist claim with your own insurance company.

Special rules apply to motorcycles in California; namely, motorcyclists have the right to "lane split" which means they can navigate their motor-bikes on the line that separates lanes on freeways and highways.  This means motorist need to pay special attention to them, and likewise, motorcyclists need to be aware of other motorists. Also, motorcyclists are required to wear a helmet under California law.

It is very important that if you sustained any type of injury from a car or motorcycle accident, no matter if it is minor or severe, you should not delay seeking medical care.  Remember, injures cannot heal without proper motion (medical care) and instruction (doctor recommendations). 

Apart from the medical importance, any delay in medical care can be used against you by the insurance company defending your claim for bodily injuries.  Also, as I mention throughout my website,, through videos, blogs, and other articles, there is a good chance (over 70%) that your injury claim will be analyzed by a sophisticated computer software program.  One of the main goals of the computer program is to review the details in your medical chart notes and medical findings.   Right now, we have identified the following computer software programs used by most of the larger insurance companies in the United States and elsewhere:  Colossus; Injury IQ; Claims Outcome Advisor (COA); and Injury Claims Evaluator (ICE).  These facts make it imperative that you protect yourself both medically and legally when it comes to any injury you sustain from a car or motorcycle accident.