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Boating & Maritime Accidents in San Diego and Southern California: 

Boating is a way of life in Southern California and people enjoy spending their recreation time on San Diego's many rivers, lakes, and on the ocean. Yet, boating can quickly become tragic when an accident occurs on the water. If you or a family member has been injured or killed in a boating related incident you may have questions about how to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and what to do about your pain and suffering. An experienced San Diego California boating and maritime accident law firm like the Law Offices of Mark C. Blane can answer all your questions. 

San Diego Boating and Maritime Accident Attorney Mark C. Blane specializes in accidents involving all types of water craft including, cruise ships, motor boats, speed boats, sail boats, fishing boats, jet skis, wave runners, and yachts. Boat accidents include collisions with other water craft or individuals, capsizing, falling overboard, drowning, and propellor lacerations.


What Makes your San Diego Boating Accident p; Injury Law Firm so Different from All the Other Ones Out There?

I like to think that we do not just represent injured folk in California against insurance companies, but that we also educate our injured boating accident clients, and also those boating injury client cases we do not take, on every step in the legal process of what they face and will face the best we can. I am not saying my law firm is the boating accident and injury law firm in San Diego county either; all I know is that I do a great job for each and every injured client I represent.  I take deep pride in my legal work, and I go to extraordinary detail on each boating injury claim. I have a reputation of being overly detailed with some of the insurance companies in town, but that is the only way I can practice my profession. Also, I would rather be overly detailed on a case, than not detailed enough; this is especially true if we have to file a lawsuit.  Also, I meet each client personally; I do not send an associate member or paralegal to "sign up a boating injury client."  I have to meet everyone myself so I get to know them as a person first, and a client second. This is important, so I know who they are and how the injuries affect them; and how they will come across as a witness for themselves.

The injuries suffered after a boating accident may include:

  • Head trauma
  • Whiplash, including back and neck pain
  • Severe bruising
  • Severe lacerations or amputation
  • Mental anguish
  • Death

If you or a family member has sustained an injury after a boating accident you need the experience of a San Diego boating accident lawyer. The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane handles all boating and maritime injury cases, including those caused by an intoxicated driver, speeding, driving too close to other water craft or the shoreline, an inexperienced driver, or a driver not paying attention to their surroundings. Boating accident injuries can severely limit your ability to lead a normal life. Injuries may require extensive rehabilitation and medical treatment. Injuries can cause you to miss work, costing your family money. You and your family deserve to be taken care of after a boating accident. An experienced boat and maritime accident lawyer from the San Diego Law Offices of Mark C. Blane can help you get your life back. 


Mark C. Blane is a San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer with more than 12 years legal experience and has settled over 2,500 injury claims. Whether you are seeking compensatory or punitive damages, a boating accident attorney like the Mark C. Blane Boating & Maritime Injury Law Firm can handle your claim.  The Law Offices of Mark C. Blane has experienced Southern California boat accident lawyers who can get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us now, there is no charge for your consultation. There are no legal fees until we win your case. You deserve to live the same life you had before you were involved in a boat related accident and an attorney with our firm can work to make you whole again.



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