CASE NAME: Grace Seid, and David Seid v. Cody Michael Cantarini,

Case No. 37-2017-00017321-CU-PA-NC, Judge Timothy Casserly.

Mrs. Seid (and Mr. Seid) were injured when their family car was rear-ended at a high rate of speed on Interstate 5 Southbound near Las Pulgas Rd. in San Diego County, Oceanside, CA. It was around 9 pm at night and traffic ahead of them had slowed down coming to a stop due to some nearby freeway construction. Mr. Seid was reclined and asleep in his front passenger seat, and Mrs. Seid was driving. It was Mrs. Seid who suffered the brunt of this impact and the most injuries as our San Diego car accident attorney explains.

She presented to Tri-City Hospital on the date of the collision via military ambulance (which did not charge for the ride), where she was evaluated and given diagnostics.  She followed up with her doctors as requested, Unfortunately, her cervical neck was damaged to the point a two-level fusion was required. Triple A was the insurance company that represented the at-fault party.

I did my best to keep litigation costs as low as possible knowing that we were dealing wtih a limited policy and an experienced and skilled personal injury lawyer. Before jury trial, there is a period called "discovery." In this period is when the defense can get information on the injuries claimed and the claimant (plaintiff) directly. Mrs. Seid told her story as to how everything ended up in a surgery to her neck, and how it affected her. 

We settled for Triple A's policy of $500,000.00 and $15,000.00 for Mr. Seid, who only had minor injuries. I made it clear to Triple A that they either offer the policy limits are this family wants to exercise their rights to a Jury Trial. 

$515,000.00 Policy Limits

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