“What is scary is walking down the street and you hear dog tags, and it is dropping it’s nose because he is trying to sneak behind you. The first time that I was bit by a dog I was out delivering the mail, and a Chow bit me on the leg. It was a six-puncture wound. I was in shock really, and I did not know what happened. After that, I was bit again, in three different instances…because I got bit during my course of work, it became a federal (US Post Office) workman’s comp issue. And, Mark’s name came up…I requested information, and I got the book on what you need to do when you are attacked by a dog. I didn’t have to do anything…he was always sending me a letter or email, stating ‘this is what is going on,” I had his cell phone, I could send a text…that was really important for me. It was really, it was a good outcome. I always refer Mark as someone to be trusted. If I had business cards I would hand them out.”Susan Baker, Triple Dog Bite Injury Client, Escondido, California, May 22, 2018