A San Diego renter was walking his pitt bull without a leash when rushed upon a neighbor's cat attacking both it and the neighbor...

San Diego Landlord Dog Bite Injury Attorney Mark C. Blane represented a San Diego woman who was bitten on the hand after she was saving her cat from being killed by a pitt bull being walked by a neighborhood renter without a leash.  The renter had no insurance, nor did he have any ownership in the home he was renting.  It turned out his mother was the owner of the home, and was aware of the dogs being on the premises.  During discovery, Mr. Blane learned a prior dog bite had occurred on the property where another pitt bull attacked and killed a small animal.  There was an animal control report of this incident.

Landlord liability for a California dog bite is almost impossible to attain.  The main reason for this is that you have to prove the landlord not only knew of the dog that bit being on the premises, but also knew of the dangerous propensities of the dog in question.  Here, with the evidence at hand, and prior neighbor witness declarations, and the fact there was a beware of dog sign on the renter's home, Mr. Blane was successful in arguing landlord liability for this particular dog bite.



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