"I always walk in my neighborhood, and out of no where a dog came up…it went right to the leg, and bit me, and he went back to attack me again. The neighbor called 911, the ambulance, the fireman, three police cars. When I raised my pants the blood was pouring…when I resumed walking I was afraid…every single dog, I was crossing to the other side. My husband said, you know what Yanina, there are laws against what happened to you. I called Mark, and he called me back personally. I felt very comfortable with him because he was so down to earth…simple…he is just like you and me…a normal person…I felt so comfortable that I opened up to him. After he listened to me, he said if you allow me, I will take your case. Mark does things by the book. He gave me an over all look of the process. He did everything, and then we just communicated…it was wonderful. Talk to Mark, he will take care of you. He did for me, and in my case I am very pleased."  TO SEE THE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL CLICK HERE

Ms. Yanina Velez, San Diego, California, July 5, 2015